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AIVR continually captures video from across the rail network and makes it instantly accessible securely in the cloud so you can easily monitor the lineside environment, enabling rapid response to changes & helping you and your teams work smarter and safer.

 What is AIVR?


AIVR – Automated Intelligent Video Review – is a rapidly deployable end-to-end system providing instantly accessible video for visual review and Machine Learning. Built for critical and challenging environments, AIVR enables you to monitor and manage your environment remotely and safely.


Miles Covered


Hours Captured

The AIVR Dashboard

Video is continually transmitted from your operational trains by the AIVR device and is instantly accessible online via your secure dashboard.

A suite of powerful tools enable you to measure, mark-up, annotate and share. View history of the routes, create share links of routes and create reports from sections of routes. Work with multiple stakeholders on the same data to further advance collaboration.



Make the railway environment safer for everyone through access to rich, high-resolution images delivered instantly to your browser.

AIVR Lookout

AIVR Lookout uses Machine Learning to detect anomalies for you, enabling teams to use their expertise and time more effectively.

AIVR Connect

AIVR Connect will work with camera systems already in place to make them smarter, and make the critical video data instantly accessible.


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