AIVR Connect

Smarter Video Capture Capability

AIVR Connect is an innovative cost effective solution to the challenges of making video data accessible.  The IoT device enables smarter use of cameras and FFV systems which are already in place or installed on a fleet. 

Connecting your Cameras

The AIVR Connect device sits behind incumbent cameras and will transmit the video data they record to be instantly accessible securely online. 

With FFV and cameras already ubiquitous in many vehicles there is a vast amount of data being collected but not easily accessed.  This is particularly key for remote lineside monitoring and also for incident review and management.  AIVR Connect helps make that critical data rapidly and securely accessible in the cloud.

The Device

The AIVR Connect device is a small form factor embedded industrial device which will process your video and any other sensor data or telemetry.  It will then transmit it from the train in the same architecture deployed for AIVR Go where it becomes instantly accessible online.  

Data can be consumed in the AIVR Dashboard or an API can deliver the data to your organisational or enterprise system.


Make your video data accessible from wherever it is captured and delivered to wherever it is needed.




Secure cloud storage ensures only those who need to access the data can.  Ensure GDPR and Privacy requirements are adhered to. 


With secure but easily accessible data, alerts and insights can be delivered in an agile and effective way through mobile and other appropriates comms systems.

Want to learn more?

If you want to learn more about AIVR Connect and how it can help you access your data then please get in touch.