AIVR Lookout

Advanced Monitoring and Detection

AIVR Lookout shows you what you need to see across your work sites. The system enables smart monitoring, and real time observation and surveillance of critical sites, increasing safety and security for your staff and the public.  The innovative AIVR Lookout is a static system with onboard Artificial Intelligence in its’ Behaviour Engine. 

AIVR Lookout Behaviour Engine

The Behaviour Engine within AIVR Lookout is configured to meet the specific needs of your environment and industry. This includes detecting people and movement within or outside specific or safe parameters, recognising and tracking objects and vehicles, or monitoring people flow and location.

AIVR Lookout integrates with a range of new or incumbent digital CCTV systems and the industry trained AI will prioritise what you need to see or be alerted to.

Notifications and Alerts

AIVR Lookout delivers real-time alerts to appropriate staff to enable rapid response to incidences or behaviour that could cause an incident. Alerts are delivered by Push Notification to mobile devices or desktop PCs with the relevant video evidence and other data including time and location. 

This advanced visibility across the site increases your organisational Health & Safety and the safety and security of your workforce and the public.  Your planning capability is significantly advanced with insight derived from the rich and consistent accessible data. 


AIVR Lookout is configured to meet the specific challenges and requirements you have across your sites.



Real Time alerts are delivered to staff through a bespoke, user-friendly desktop or mobile interface, or via API to your own enterprise system.


AIVR Lookout is designed to scale with the specific security systems you deploy across single or multiple sites and organisations.

Want to learn more?

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