AIVR Machine Learning

Valuable Insight into Your Data

With a high volume of rich, consistent and accessible video data captured by any of the AIVR systems, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can be applied to deliver what you need to see most.  

Machine Learning  / Artificial Intelligence

ML / AI delivers valuable insight and context to your raw video data which increases your safety and security capability, and helps improve your operations. 

Large amounts of data can be analysed in real-time or post-event to derive valuable insight to incidents, changes or processes – such as trespassing, detecting people in restricted areas, abandoned objects, loitering, unusual crowd movement, graffiti or vegetation.

Data can be processed at the Edge, on site or in the Cloud as appropriate

Creating Industry Specific ML Models

The AIVR Dashboard provides digital tools to enable collaborative working with any organisation to advance AI capability.  The built-in Annotation Tool in the Dashboard enables multiple users to work collaboratively, making industry specific Data Training Sets on high priority challenges such as graffiti detection.

Want to learn more?

  If you want to learn more the Machine Learning / AI capability that could help meet your challenges please get in touch.