Companion App

Remote Control of AIVR

When the AIVR Go is placed externally on the train, the AIVR Companion app enables you to access all the functions remotely and safely.

Accessing the AIVR Go

AIVR Companion App enables you to easily manage the AIVR Go functions whilst on the move.   Once the AIVR Go is mounted on the tail lamp bracket using the external housing, you can still access all its functions. 

The Companion App will communicate directly with the device – enabling you to see a live preview of the line of sight, and the progress of the data capture.  You can pause and re-start recording whilst on route giving you easy control of the data you want to collect. 

Want to use Companion App?

If you want to learn more about AIVR Companion or connect to your AIVR Go then please get in touch using the button below.